Update with Excel / CSV for monday.com


  • Support for 'Connect boards' column (enable in settings to use it)
  • Modify subitems (more details in 'Working with subitems' section)
  • Verify date format YYYY-MM-DD in Excel file and display appropriate error message
  • Create new items in the same order as in Excel file
  • Add 'fast items creation' option in Settings (when enabled created items on the board will be in different order than in Excel file).
  • Add ability to create groups.
  • Add "Item ID" column selection in Settings to support multiple languages.


Upload Excel or CSV file to make changes on the board.

It is a 3 step process:

  • Step 1: Export board to Excel or start with empty file.
  • Step 2: Make changes in the file.
  • Step 3: Upload file with changes to the board.

Video content:

  • overview
  • installation steps
  • adding item id column, it also can be done in settings
  • export board to Excel
  • changes in Excel file to add 15% to estimation values
  • upload changes to board


  • Install application from monday.com apps marketplace.
  • Add Update with Excel / CSV to the board.
  • Configure Item ID column in view settings.

Export board to Excel

Switch view to "Main Table", then select "Export board to Excel" from the board menu. If you prefer to start with a new file (without exporting) see Advanced section below.

Update with Excel and CSV

Make changes in Excel file

  • "Item ID Column" is required in the file, other columns are optional.
  • Application is reading text values, background color and font formatting are not used.

Original file:

Update with Excel and CSV

File with example changes:

  • "Fix bug with divide by 0" status was changed to "Done",
  • "Update icons" was renamed to "Update icons in Android" and status was changed to "Working on it",
  • New "Update icons for IOS" was created with estimation value set to 3.
Update with Excel and CSV

Add new items

  • Add a new row (see last row in example above).
  • Enter "new" in the "Item ID” column.
  • Add values to other columns.

Updating existing items

  • Make changes by typing text, using functions or formulas.

Deleting items

  • Remove rows with items in Excel file.
  • Select “enable delete for items not present in the file” before applying changes (see Review Changes section).
  • Note that after applying changes with delete enabled, monday board will only have items that are present in the file. other items will be removed from the board.

Working with groups

Moving items between existing groups

  • Move row with item to other existing group in Excel file.

Move items to new group

  • Move row with item to new group in Excel file.

Create new items in existing group

  • Add row following "Add new items" section above.

Crete new items in a new group

  • Add new group name following with column titles.
  • Add row following "Add new items" section above.

Upload changes to the board

Open file

Update with Excel and CSV

Review Changes

List of changes and summary will be displayed.

Update with Excel and CSV

Apply Changes to the board

Press "Apply changes to board" button.

After applying changes our example board will look like on the photo below. It will have status and name updated, and one new item.

Update with Excel and CSV

Working with subitems

Application has two modes of operation: standard items and subitems. To switch application to subitems, select 'use subitems only' in settings (top right corner when application is open). In this mode application will read subitems from Excel file, and upload changes to subitems only.

Supported subitems operations:

  • change column values

Pre-conditions for making changes in subitems:

  • Select 'use subitems only' in settings.
  • Add 'Item ID' column to subitems. Column name needs to be the same as 'Item ID' column name selected in settings.

To make changes in subitems :

  • Export board to Excel (select 'Include subitems' when exporting).
  • Make changes to subitems in Excel file.
  • Upload file by clicking 'Open file' button in the application.


Create new file instead of exporting board to Excel

When starting with a new file, add “Item ID" column is required, other columns are optional.

"Item ID" column name needs to match with column configured in settings. Add other columns that you want to make changes in.

Example file that will create two new items with specific column values:

Update with Excel and CSV

Uploading lot of data

When uploading lot of data, there are two ways to reduce file size:

  • Split file and do multiple uploads. When splitting file row with column titles is required.
  • Remove columns from excel file. E.g. remove columns that you know have no changes.


Duplicate Item ID in the file

There are two items with the same value in Item ID column. Please remove duplicated row or if duplicated row is a new item, change value in Item ID column to new.


Application price is 19 USD per month (2 months FREE with yearly billing).

To subscribe, click monthly or yearly subscribe button, where you can enter your email address and payment details.

Pricing FAQ

What is included in subscription?

One subscription covers unlimited users and usage within one monday account.

You can add Update with Excel / CSV to unlimited number of boards and everyone in your monday account can use it - it is all included in 19 USD per month subscription.

What happens after I subscribe?

Top bar with information about the trial will dissapear (please refresh the page in the browser after receiving confirmation email).

You will receive welcome email with subscription management link, where you can download invoices, update payment details and cancel your subscription.

How to cancel subscription?

Click subscription management link from welcome email, and then click cancel plan button.


We are constantly looking how to improve the application.
Please share your feedback by sending email to contact@adftech.net.